ML Roofing offers competitive and cost-effective roof coating solutions for our clients and partners that will end expensive repairs caused by weather and climate conditions, including high heat, humidity, thermal shock, and UV degradation.


Our team of specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your asset before preparing and then expertly applying the protective membrane that extends the life of your roof for up to 15 years. Additional benefits include:

• Leak Resistance & Waterproofing: Manufacturer-backed roof coatings seal and reinforce seams and potential leak vulnerabilities

• UV Protection & Energy Efficiency: Reflective coatings lower your roof’s surface temperature which provides for a cooler and dryer work environment.

• LEED v4 Compliant Roof Coating Products: The USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Version 4 green building program affords clients the opportunity to earn energy efficiency credits that add value to your structure. Our roof coatings products are free of Volatile Organic Content (VOC)’s which can release strong and potentially harmful odors into the atmosphere


commercial roofing
commercial roofing


ML ROOFING is A Certified Roof Coating Applicator

Significant price savings opposed to new roof.

A roof coating will save you 35% -40% more than a traditional roof replacement. Reduction of energy costs due to the reflective coating, which will not absorb the sun’s rays. These reflective properties will assist in keeping your building cooler in the summer, which in turn will minimize your overall energy consumption.

Call us for a free roof assessment and allow us to assist in determining how to extend the life of your existing roof in the most cost-effective way

commercial roofing
comercial roofing
commercial roofing