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Roof Coatings

Not every aged roof requires a full replacement. It’s no secret, a new roof can be huge expense. A vast majority of existing roofs can undergo a Roof Coating rehabilitation process that will extend the life of an aged roof. A Roof Coating is a  fluid applied roofing material. Once this material has been applied, it creates a water proof membrane that  would then be the most upper part of your now newly restored roof. A Roof Coating is an affordable alternative to extending the life of  an existing roof for up to an additional 15 years or more. The rehabilitation process is completed using only commercial grade, high-quality materials that are specifically designed to handle the harsh elements. These coatings are also backed by the nations most reputable Manufacturers.

Roof Coatings are increasing in popularity. In fact, the well know Mercedes- Benz Superdome, in New Orleans, Louisiana has undergone a Roof Coating  process as a result of the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Superdome is in an extremely vulnerable area and the likelihood of future hurricane damage is very likely. For these reasons, an extensive amount of research and testing went into determining what roofing system would work best for the NFL stadium. Engineers, Architects and City Officials all agreed that a Roof Coating system would provide the best solution.

roof coating

Roof coatings can be applied to nearly every existing roof structure and are environmental friendly. Our coatings contain no volatile substances. When our coatings are applied, rest assured no harmful chemicals will be released into  the environment.

Coatings are compliant with the LEED program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which was established by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council. They are also approved by the Cool Roofing Rating Council (CRRC).

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HUGE Savings with Roof Coatings

On average, a Roof Coating system versus a full roof replacement could possibly result in savings of  35% – 40%.  Additionally, Roof Coating Sytems can be a huge factor in reducing energy costs.  Because the reflective coating blocks the absorption of the suns rays, your building will remain cooler during the warmer months, resulting in  decreased energy consumption and bills.

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